20 Alternatives for 'That's Great'

20 Unique English Expressions to Replace ‘That’s Great’: Amp Up Your Vocabulary Today

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Derek Cupp

By Derek Cupp

We’ve all been there: someone shares exciting news and we’re left scrambling for a response that’s more creative than the worn-out “That’s great!” If you’re tired of this go-to expression, you’re in luck. This article reveals 20 unique English expressions to keep your responses fresh and interesting.

Language can be as dynamic as our lives, constantly evolving and introducing new ways to express our thoughts. Whether it’s an unexpected achievement or good news from a friend, these alternative phrases will help you articulate your excitement in a more engaging way.

So let’s dive into the world of colorful language and discover new ways to say “That’s great!” You’ll not only enrich your vocabulary but also leave the people around you pleasantly surprised with your linguistic prowess.

Delving into the World of English Expressions

I’ve always found it fascinating how language can be so fluid. Take the phrase “that’s great,” for instance. It’s such a common expression, and yet there are countless ways to convey the same sentiment with a bit more pizzazz.

Consider these alternatives:

  • That’s fantastic!

  • How marvelous!

  • I’m thrilled to hear that.

  • What excellent news!

  • I couldn’t be happier for you.

These phrases express the same positive reaction as “that’s great”, but each carries its own unique flavor. They’re like different seasonings you can sprinkle into your conversations to make them more flavorful.

In my experience, peppering your chats with varied expressions not only makes you sound more engaging but also helps in connecting better with people. After all, who doesn’t appreciate an interesting conversation?

But where do these alternative expressions come from? Well, they’re born out of necessity and creativity combined. When “that’s great” starts to feel trite or predictable, we naturally look for new ways to express ourselves – hence the birth of phrases like “How terrific!” or “What wonderful news!”

And let me tell you: mastering these expressive variations is an art form in itself! You need to know when it’s appropriate to use one phrase over another – context is key here. For example, while “That’s splendid!” might work well at a formal event, “Awesome sauce!” would likely fit better in a casual setting among friends.

The beauty of English language resides in its diversity – not just in terms of vocabulary or grammar rules, but also through these expressive twists and turns that keep our interactions vibrant and meaningful!

So next time instead of resorting back to the old standby of “that’s great,” why not try something new? Who knows? You might discover your new favorite way to express enthusiasm! Trust me; it’ll breathe fresh life into your conversations…and isn’t that just fantastic?

Top 20 Unique Phrases to Use Instead of ‘That’s Great’

I’ve always believed that variety is the spice of life, and it’s no different when it comes to language. If you’re tired of constantly replying with “that’s great” and crave some freshness in your dialogues, I’m here to help. Here are 20 unique English expressions that can be used instead.

  1. “Impressive!”: This one-word exclamation adds a dash of admiration.

  2. “Fantastic!”: A vibrant alternative conveying enthusiasm.

  3. “Well done!”: This phrase appreciates effort as well as result.

  4. “Brilliant work!”: A classy way to recognize someone’s achievement.

  5. “Keep it up!”: A dose of encouragement wrapped in praise.

Switching between these phrases can bring a refreshing change without deviating from your intention – praising or acknowledging something positively.

  1. “Good going!”

  2. “Kudos to you!

  3. “Remarkable job!

  4. “You nailed it!

  5. **”That’s top-notch!”

These five alternatives add an additional layer of appreciation, making the person on the receiving end feel acknowledged for their efforts or achievements.

  1. Way to go!” 12.”You’re on fire!” 13.”That’s outstanding!” 14.”You’ve outdone yourself!” 15.”Exemplary work!

Now we’re getting into the territory where our responses radiate an air of sophistication and genuine respect for someone’s accomplishment.

16.”**Superb accomplishment!” 17.”**What a feat!” 18.”**Astonishing effort!” 19.”**Unbelievably good!” 20.”***Wonderful execution!”

Remember, language is fluid and there is always room for creativity while keeping communication effective and clear-cut at its core.

Let me also remind you that context matters; certain phrases may suit specific situations better than others depending on tone, relationship with the person, and cultural nuances among other things!

So next time when you want to say “that’s great”, pause, consider these options and pick one that best suits the scenario – let your words be not just heard but felt too!

Wrapping Up: Enriching Your Vocabulary with Uncommon English Expressions

I’ve taken you on a thrilling ride through 20 unique expressions that can replace the all-too-common ‘That’s Great’. It’s not just about expanding your vocabulary but also adding color, texture and depth to your everyday language.

Let’s take another peek at these phrases:

  • “That’s tremendous”

  • “What fantastic news!”

  • “I’m thrilled to hear that”

  • “How marvelous!”

  • …and 16 more.

These expressions aren’t just for show; they’re essential tools for effective communication. They help convey emotion, tone, and perspective in a way that standard phrases often can’t match. Let me illustrate this point using two of our featured phrases:

Standard Phrase

Unique Expression


That’s great!

That’s superb!

Use when you want to express stronger approval or commendation

That’s great!

How wonderful!

Suitable when expressing joy or surprise

Remember, language is an art form – the more expressive it is, the more engaging your conversations will be.

Now I challenge you: try incorporating these unique English expressions into your conversations over the next week. You’ll notice how they add flavor and personality to your speech!

And don’t stop here; there are countless other uncommon English expressions out there waiting to be discovered. So keep learning, keep experimenting and most importantly – have fun with it!

By enriching your vocabulary with these uncommon English expressions, you’re not only enhancing your communication skills but also taking a step towards becoming a master wordsmith.

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